I'm 13 and have a boyfriend (15). He wants to have sex. What should I do? (I do not have my period and I don't know if I'm ready). 


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What do you want to do ? To have it or not have it? What do you feel!?

And btw in my opinion don't have it because if you don't feel it's correct than you may regret forcing yourself! And if your boyfriend's 15 and you're 13 then I'm a hundred percent sure he's  using you to have sex with him so please if you don't feel it's correct then don't do it!

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13 years old is much too young, you face a possible pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. The law says you're too young, remember that.

Your boyfriend is pressuring your for sex because that's what all teenage boys want.  They're like hormones with feet, they're obsessed with sex.  You're risking your reputation because he will brag to his friends, your health because you could catch a disease and a pregnancy which would ruin your life at 13 years old.

Tell this boy you're underage and he could be charged with statutory rape and face charges.  Then find yourself a friend who's not going to pressure you to do something you know you're not ready for.

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You are not ready to have sex. Neither your body nor your mind are prepared so you need to tell your boyfriend no.

13 is very young to think about having a physical relationship. You have no reason to rush into this at all.

You say "I don't know if I'm ready."

The clue is right there. If you don't know you're ready, you're not ready. One day, maybe in a few years, you will know you're ready. You'll be absolutely sure and confident you're making the right choice. Your decision to have sex should be a positive one. It should never be frightening or cause you anxiety and you should make the decision to please yourself, nobody else.

Bad reasons to have sex

There are lots of bad reasons to have sex - please resist them. Here are  a few to look out for and shoot down:

  • My friends are already doing it
  • My boyfriend will dump me if I don't
  • I want to be more adult
  • I'm bored and it's something new to try.

Visit this website for more information and some thought-provoking debates.

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I know I am a little late answering this cuz you probably already made your decision however I am gonna answer it anyways just in case there are other 13 year old's being pushed into sex from their 15 year old "boyfriends!" GO TELL YOUR DAD! This is exactly what dads are there for! He will put a stop to this boy pressuring his daughter I guarantee it! If you are not ready YOU ARE NOT READY! And NO ONE can tell you that you are! Be stronger then that! LOVE AND RESPECT YOURSELF! Also, Sharron is right, at your age it is illegal in California! You don't legally have the right to consent whether the boy is 10 or 100!

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