How do I breakup with my boyfriend? He doesn't want to meet up despite me asking him so many times and the only way is over text..


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Ancient Hippy answered

Write a little note on a piece of paper telling him that you two are through. Take a picture of the note with your phone and text him the photo.

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PJ Stein answered

Sounds like he may think you are already broken up. Just text him that seems to be the case and say goodbye and cut all contact.

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Cookie Roma answered

Since he only wants to text, text him.  Tell him since you have no relationship, have a nice life.  Send the text then block him and move on. 

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I'm guess perhaps he doesn't want to meet up because he knows what's coming.

If you literally have no other choice and can not go to him to actually physically talk to him then your 'relationship' is not a physical one as it is  .. Text it, and move on.

Perhaps I am just old fashioned .. But I don't think I will ever understand how anyone can call an "over the phone only" connection a 'relationship'.  I just don't get it.

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