I don't want my boyfriend to spend all week end with me right now or ever, various reasons, he doesn't like the change. I feel self guilt. Do I have the right to spend time alone and send him home???


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Better to talk to him and  explain exactly how you feel then let it bottle up. Its going to affect you both, eventually.

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Of course you have the right to want alone time and be apart from your boyfriend! Just don't be for very long, because you're still together in this relationship. I assume, you're commited(cause why are you in one if you're not?) When you need this alone time though, it's best to communicate this need for alone time. Make him understand. Don't just say no. He definitely deserves to know how you feel if you want this relationship to last. Communication is key! I hope everything works out and he's understanding of you. If not, either you didn't communicate the need well, or you deserve someone better. Good luck!

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Of course you have the RIGHT. If this is how you feel, respectfully explain it to him. Then hole that line.  Don't allow him (or anyone else) try to manipulate you into doing (or not doing) something you don't want to do. 

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Feeling guilty frequently means that you haven't met the expectations you have had about how you should be able to handle a given situation.

Sometimes you can't meet your own expectations and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that---perhaps those expectations turn out to be unreasonable for any one of a number of good reasons.

Remember, as you move into new areas in a relationships, you always have the right to change your mind about what you have attempted to do if it makes you too uncomfortable.

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