boyfriend lives out of town spends most week ends at my home, wants to spend Tuesday night and all day Wednesday for an event Wednesday night. I like my time alone and have other things to do. How do I tell him without hurting him?


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This sounds very familiar to another post about 6 months ago or so. If you are not ready for a more committed relationship with your boyfriend but he wants a more committed relationship with you then you HAVE to stop stringing him along.

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I'm taking your boyfriend's side. He's from out of town and needs a place to stay. Most girlfriends would be delighted to spend time with their beau.  But i don't know your situation.

You can compromise. Let him stay and you can do whatever you want without him tagging along. Just be open and upfront before he arrives to avoid conflicts.

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Hey, sweetheart, I'm afraid that those days are not going to work for me.  I'm glad that you'll be in town to attend _____, however, I've got a conflict that prevents me from offering you shelter those two days. Do you have another friend that you could stay with?

He's your boyfriend - you should at least be able to tell him what's on your heart without him getting hurt feelings.

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