Boyfriend lives in a town close by. I allow him to spend weekends at my home. Forced to spend all that time with him, when sometimes I would rather be alone. Now I want to change and only allow one night on the week end. . How do I tell him?


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Didge Doo answered

I understand why you would want some "me" time but if he's like most boyfriends he won't want to give up his jollies. You may have to hand him an ultimatum.

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Sounds like there is something bigger going on then just him staying weekends at your house. I think you need to take a weekend to yourself and figure out what it is you are really wanting. Why string him along if you really don't want him.

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If you don't how to communicate with him , as a couple would .. Then your weekends beng 'forced' to spend time with him is the least of your problems.

Communicating with your partner honestly really isn't that hard .. Be honest, and open without being insensitive. Ask him if he would mind spending a little less time together so you can both concentrate on quality time instead of quanity time.

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The need to spend time alone is a human need and does not change even if you are in a great marriage.

And while each person needs time alone, the type and length and circumstances of such time is very much unique to each person.

This is a compatibility, boundary, respect, and understanding issue.

It may not be easy, but it is unlikely to change unless you let him know what your needs are---(Ask for what you want 100%).

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