I love my boyfriend but he's been not spending enough time with me nowadays, and it's making me sad and depressed, what should I do to make him spend more time with me?


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I'm having the same problems! Its depressing and I want something more...I need to be appreciated and so do you! Have you tried talking to him? I have talked to him and tried to end it and he promised me better but it hasn't gotten better! I'm going to start doing my own thing and as soon as I'm strong enough I will end it for good! You should start by talking to him and letting him know you are no happy! If he still doesn't give you what you need then I suggest you do what I'm doing and start doing things for yourself and leave when you are able to...life is to short to waste it on someone who doesn't deserve you
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Wine or complain or demand attention.....wait that'll make him run. Um....be understanding????
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Maybe he is busy? Did you think of that? 8) I'm sure he loves you..if you;re not entirely sure then ask him to spend a little more time with you..or ask why he doesnt anymore..there might be a valid reason for it you never know , lets not always jump to conclusions..8)..or you might find he wants his own space for a while? Maybe he is going through something or is just simply busy with whatever he is doing and wants to be left alone for tht matter? Jus because he doesnt spend a week with you doesnt mean he don't love you! Sometimes guys just want to hang round with their mates and not always their Gf..8) so just ask him. And if he has fallen out of love then I'm sorry for that now but I do hope thats not the case. 8) Good luck!

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