Will Me And My Boyfriend Get Married?


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Hannah Thegreat answered
This is not for someone else to decide. There are a few ways of telling of knowing if you can answer this question:
•Do you fell comfortable with him?
•Can you talk to him about anything?
•Can you picture your self in a home with him, everyday?
•Do you make decide things together?
•Do you have many of the same opinions?
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Tauseef Sheikh answered
Well it depends on your intensity of relationship and trust between you two, if you think he is so good then you should get married but if you do not trust each other completely then I would recommend that make your mind before taking any steps.
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Yes I hope
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Yes and last
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Yes I m feel comfortable with him.
Yes I can talk to him about anything.
Yes we tak picture of us  in his home but not in everyday.
Yes.we do make decide things together
yes we do have same opinion in many things
yes we do have money but not enough

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