What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Doesnt Text You Back? How Should You Handle It?


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Be patient and don't get all overbearing with panic. He will respond in good time. 

Always try to remember there's usually a good reason why guys don't text back right away. Here are some of the most common ones:
1. Chores
Yeah, even guys do chores sometimes. Especially if their mama raised them right!

2. Battery dead/no credit/no signal
Phone problems are really the number one reason guys don't reply swiftly, but I put chores first to make them look good :)

3. Laziness
Sorry, this one is not so nice to hear - but it's true! Some guys are simply too lazy to text often, and prefer to wait till they see you to say what they need to say.

4. At work/school
Ever had a boss/teacher that doesn't let you use your phone? Yeah, guys get that too..

5. Watching a movie
You know that clip they show at the beginning of movies where they tell you to make sure your phone isn't going to ring half way through? Maybe he actually listened to that advice.

6. He's with another girl

Ok, this is the worst possible reason - and let's hope it's not the case with your boyfriend!
If it's any reassurance, most guys would usually put together a quick and shifty looking text to cover their tracks rather than saying nothing at all.

7. He fell asleep

Hey, it happens to all of us...

8. He's drunk/at a party

Not an excuse you should accept, especially if his attention is straying towards drunk girls instead!

9. He's nervously trying to think up something cool, clever, funny ot romantic to text back - but he can't think of anything...

This is a very likely reason. Some guys over think texts, especially if they know how important hearing from them is to you.

As you can see from this list, there's often no reason to stress. And by all means don't over text him! 
When you stop, then it's more than likely he'll be texting back before long. 
Good luck :)
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I don't know what you should do but I do know what you shouldnt do. Don't text him. Don't insist anymore. Please have some class. Have some dignity. I beg you.
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Well he must just be busy or something. But if you know that hes not then you should consider going and talking to him about it if its upsetting you. He should want to make you happy so if he refuses to text back then maybe you should rethink being in a relationship with him. Sorry but its true. Hope things work out :D x

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