I Had A Fight With My Ex-girlfriend Will She Ever Come Back. Any Suggestion?


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You're old enough to know better I'm afraid. Learn a lesson from this one. Seek professional help. Make sure that losing this special woman means you learn that physical violence is not the route you choose in the future.
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Why would she ever come back if you physically hit her?
You don't ever hit a female, NEVER, no matter what she says or does.
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If you really love this woman, you will let her go, at least until you can get your anger under control, it is never okay to resort to physical violence. If you would hit her while dating how bad would it be after you were married.  Give her the time she ask for, get help for yourself.
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If she is smart, she won't come back to you. You need to go seek out some help. Anger management classes at the very least. You say you didn't hit her on purpose. What--it was an accident and she just walked into your fist? It wasn't an accident. You hit her in anger and you need to learn to control it. Or the next person you accidentally hit might hit you back. Or file charges against you (as she should have) and you could end up in jail. You should know better--never ever hit a woman. Your mother would be ashamed of you.
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I hit my ex-girlfriend. She left. I said..."okay, it's time for me to move on and take care of myself and learn how to control myself."

lesson number one: Don't ever hit a female.
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Give this guy a break he may have hit her but some people take there anger out on the wrong person its called red mist just give her some space stay in contact but just do as she asks if you love her don't let her get away!

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