I love a girl lots but I never explain this to her. How can I explain to her my feelings through words?


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Well bro what I say to help you ?? Well maybe tell a friend to help you by telling your friend to make you meet her lol ?? Or write her a letter ?? I know it's ''''difficult''' to approach a girl you like and talk to her : /. Or go straight to her and tell her ? Good Luck
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gillcrist gillcrist
Man only eye contact with her she is in mine college but never talk yet above as hello and hi and bye tell me how can impress her. I really love her......
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Well mate you need to flirt with her and try to have some conversation with her. Find a subject to talk to her like homework. Search on google ''how to flirt with a girl''. If you need help contact me :D
gillcrist gillcrist
Ok thanks mate
when she fall in my love i will tell you but still give me guidelines.
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Heres a rap:
Yo girllll
I like you
Your eyes shine like little white pearrrrllls
times 22
I got that swag
I'm pricless
check my price tag
just don't break my heart
I don't want to be apart
I'll treat you like a queen
Thats why I plead
to be your guy
because your my type
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Say this to her via text or facebook , babe , your my world my everything ! You don't understand how much you mean to me , your gorgeous and I love you with all my heart and don't ever forget it , then just buy her flowers and presents
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Hey don't try to impress a girl ever. The more you impress her, the more she will run away from you. But yes! You can try to please her. Girls love it when someone cares for them bring flowers for them, help them in their work etc. What you can do is get some good gift ideas for a girl and present her something that she may like the most, lets say a clutch or a handbag like this bagbunch.com/31-by-phillip-lim-doctors-bag-vintage-uptown-st or may be a big teddy bear like this 1.bp.blogspot.com/_NjdBzKI5nYs/SLunje6Kt-I/AAAAAAAAAn0/bwjrR along with a beautiful love card that could communicate your feelings without saying anything. Believe me..girls love gifts and cards. This could be a best way to propose her.

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