How Can I Express My Feelings For A New Love?


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EMILY SEN answered
Well dear if you really love this person then just go ahead and express your feelings to her / him don't wait anymore cause the more you wait the more is the chance of you going far away from him/her so just go for it dear and wish you all the luck ...god is with you .
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Michelle answered
You can start by giving him subtle compliments or remembering little details in your conversations. Maybe you can invite him somewhere with a group of friends. Treat him as a good friend first and then see his comfort level. Good luck!
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Keep smile be happy...all is well
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ankita soni answered

Well giving a card is the best option I think.

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Nice Girl answered

Of you mean express your love to your lover then just simply n slowly  tell him your feelings. How u feel with him without him and all and tell him how much u love him and exchange feelings with him and so this may express your love!

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You can give him a card by expressing your feelings for him, invite him for dinner/lunch, etc. Kiss Day is on April 28. You can celebrate the day with him.
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Give me the words to say

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