Why Is Hiding Your Feelings Bad?


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Merlin Paine answered
Well you don't have to always reveal your feeling or thoughts. Sometimes there is a need for confidentiality. But it is sometimes bad went you hold things in too long instead of addressing issues which may get worse if nothing is done about them. It is sometimes good to talk to a trusted friend about things that are bothering you.
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mysterio jones answered
Maybe because you come across as if you were lying to yourself and then ultimately to others around

not telling a friend you don't like something they said or do
not telling your bf that you don't like something he is doing
not telling your teacher, parents or whoever that you need some help with something
and the list can go on and on

some things are simply put are just private and non of my or anyone else business

others require that you share to get help or added clarification and input from others

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