What are some signs to show that a guy is hiding his feelings for you?


3 Answers

Pizza Man Profile
Pizza Man answered
He'll seem nervous around you and make a bit of a fool of himself around you, but he will most likely seem cool at the same time.
Willow Marshall Profile
Willow Marshall answered
He would be avoiding you and making a excuses to go somewere also when you try talking to em. Or just not text you back or calling. It sucks to be avoided.
Rae QuestionGuru Profile
He might look at you and you look back, he'll look away like he wasn't looking in the first place, I've read Your last few questions on this boy and my advice is to start talking to him, online or face to face. In a few weeks of talking all the time and getting to know each other ask him if he sees you two as friends or maybe more then that.

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