Is There A Difference Between "I Love You" And "I Have Feelings For You"?


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tinga nih Profile
tinga nih answered
Yup!!! I love you means LOVE.. Feelings.. Well.. I can tell my enemy that I have a feeling for her.. Which is BAD!!... It always has to be how they say it.. And only you can tell that..
Ri Tam Profile
Ri Tam answered
Yes, there is a very big difference. Love requires action and feelings are just feelings. When you tell somebody you love them, you need to show that person you love them. If I say I like that person, that means, to me, you like being around them.
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Anonymous answered
Yes love is stronger and more deeply involved while feelings can just come and go so what I'm saying is love=forever while feelings=come and go ok
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Yes, love means you truly care for that other person while I have feelings for you means they just like you but truly do not love you since they have not figured you out yet.
rosa baez Profile
rosa baez answered
I love means you are sure this is the one.  I have feelings for you means it could develope into something but I'm not sure yet.

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