Have you ever been so in love that you just can't sleep? (I feel that way!)


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Lard Ass answered

I never was until I met my current love. He's the love of my life and I think about him every minute of every day! Means little sleep for me! S'ok, rather have love than sleep! Hence, my username!

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Yo Kass answered

I've been in love, but I sleep like a log no matter what's on my mind..

Izzy SouthernGirl Profile

I don't think I have had that happen to me before. Like I may have thought of someone for a little. But was able to get some sleep  , Hey Addilynn !

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Alexis Scuderi answered

Nope.  But I have been worried so much I couldn't sleep.

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Adrian Masters answered

Woo Hoo! Good for you! So who is your new guy? 8)

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Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
Hiiiii No I did not speak to him todayyyy 8( and a wet noodle? ohh dangerous!
Adrian Masters
Adrian Masters commented
Lol!! I thought you would appreciate that. So what are you waiting for? Go get him! Let him know you are the one. Sometimes guys are a little slow in that reguard. 8)
Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
I can't just go up to him and say that!! LOL He didn't reply to me today right so I wrote on twitter , a totally indirect tweet, I didn't mention his name or anyone's for that matter, I wrote 'Fine don't talk to me then , Not messaging you anymorr' so I could be talking about anyone right? And his Dad saw it and favourited it! :0 and then I posted another tweet saying 'You know when you get depressed because that someone hasn't replied to you and you can't sleep'? and his dad sent me a reply saying 'awww' ...what does that mean?! HIS DAD KNOWS I WAS TALKING ABOUT HIS SON??? :0 OMG.
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Lassy Mae , :)), answered

Yes and I always think of him every minute of the day :)

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When someone doesn't return the same type of love, it just hurts so bad.  Tears just come and they they don't stop... I don't want to hurt anymore..


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