I have to come up with a paragraph in which I right a mistake I made in my past. It can be made up, any suggestions? Practical please.


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Do you mean RIGHT a mistake from your past? Like you need to write a paragraph about RIGHTING a wrong?

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Well, here's a true story from Happy.  Today I was running in and out of the house packing the camper van with its last little bits and bobs.  Fun!  To keep from tracking anything in the house, I wore my slippers.  They're so squishy and comfy.  They're so easy to slip on and off at the door.  Then I realized I needed an electrical cord and a whisk broom.  I love shopping!

I drove 15 miles into town - IN MY SLIPPERS!!!!  Dork. 🤓

How did I right my wrong?  Well I sure wasn't driving all the way home and back!  I laughed at myself and had a wonderful time laughing with others.  One lady told me about getting dressed in the dark and wearing two different shoes all day at work.  😃  🙃

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