I can't stop thinking about my mom's boyfriend's son, and I like him so much - but I don't know if he likes me! We share a room every other weekend when I go with my mom to stay. Help somebody!! What do I do?


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If your mom and her boyfriend are serious at all then you should probably not go after her boyfriends son. I guess it just depends on if they're cool with it. Just make sure to be yourself and flirt and if he likes you it should work.

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Why do you think she shouldn't go after him if her mom's relationship is serious? Is it just because it would be kind of awkward or some other reason?
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It's partly because it'd be awkward, but if it doesn't work out between then and their parents stay together then she's kinda forced to continue seeing him. If that does happen it could be really awkward and make either of them miserable.

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