hey guys does a girl really want to date you when she writes a letter and closes the letter with xo and her name? she also sent a pic of herself along with the letter.


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Depends on the situation. Do you know her well? Did you just meet? Did you mean online? What kind of current relationship do you have with her?

Although usually when people put in the effort to write a letter, they are interested in you one way or another. It may not necessarily be for dating although it can be. So you know that you have caught her eye.

Closing a letter with xo and her name may not actually be such a big deal. It can be if the girl is shy or doesn't really use that kind of notation often (the xo part), meaning that she probably does like you. But if she's that kind of girl who does that will all her friends, then it's probably just part of her signature and shouldn't be thought out as a sign necessarily.

But to analyze whether she actually wants to date you or not, I'd need more information. This is just what I've gathered from the information you've given me. Hope it helps a little.

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She includes the xo in the end can possibly mean she likes
you , though it depends on the girls personality , is she the type that seems shy and conserved or the type that is outgoing and confident? , lots of girls add the xo in the end normally , or it comes naturally  at the end of the letter for them , or it could also mean that she likes you , letters are hard to decipher as you don’t know
how they say it , so you can also try to find signs if she likes you , like how she approaches you , talks to you , body language but girls are really hard to read so don’t quickly assume good luck on investigating :) .

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