When you're trying to take a girl out to the movies and she says we'll see. She also said thanks for calling. We just met. Do I have a shot with her?


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Yin And Yang answered

Maybe the girl you didn't want to continue in a relationship with because she was too "fat" gave this girl the heads up on how shallow of a person you are. I mean she may wear the wrong color or something and be judged by judging eyes.... 😒

Yah I am being brutal... But you pursued that girl til she gave in then it was "How do i break up with her cuz she is too fat?" YOU are the kind of guy who is only after the thrill of the chase. This chick may be on to you and more observant or just plain knows your type.

I agree with Ms. Jones and Mrs. Pauze.... You don't have a shot with her.

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Darik Majoren answered

You might, but the whole "We'll see" means she is either checking into your credentials (Hearsay from others who might know you better) or you are her "Safety Net" . . . Someone to string along until something better shows up . . . . You are officially on "Standby".

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