How To Get Your Boyfriend Back?


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Jealousy is a very important weapon if you want to get your boyfriend back. Acting as if you do not care when he leaves and going out with other boys in his presence might jolt him to the fact as to what he has lost and may make him come back to you. Another method is to slowly build up your relationship from scratch by starting again with friendship and then taking slow steps to further the relationship.

You can also use your own methods to remind him of the very nice times that you might have experienced together so that he starts yearning for those times again and wants to get back with you. But remember that there is a possibility that he might be really not interested in you any more so know when to call quits and don't overdo things in such a way that it would become hard to even remain cordial with each other.
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Look hot all the time is first and most important. Then you could either play" I want you" and let him no what you want or " I'm over it". 4 I want you its mor fun 2 me. You must give him those looks that say " I love you" "I'm so jealous" don't over do it. Look mysterious or seducing. Some guys like that stuff. Or you can act perfectly fine. When ever hes around play with your friends. Look really happy. If a convo or interaction about a guy comes up don't look interested (if your ex is really who you want. Give him another one of those looks and then look away and look sad like "man, what am I missin out on.I need to get over him. I could have that guy who just walked away if I really wanted" thats pretty much it
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Hmm...depends on who left first.

If it was him, do as Priya said and remind him of the good times and say things to him that he loved you saying. Just bring back everything.

And if you left...then if he cares, you guys should already be back together.


Just depends on who left first.
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One word sabotage. 
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Well my friend, I am in the same situation. I still love my ex but I don't know if he does.... well maybe you should talk to him

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