What Should I Get My Boyfriend For Our One-Year Anniversary?


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I can't tell you exactly what to get your boyfriend for your anniversary, as I don't know what he's like, what your budget is, or what your relationship is like. However, I can give you a few tips on how to choose a great gift for your anniversary!

What Should I Get My Boyfriend For Our One-Year Anniversary?
  • Something that shows him that you know him well - two tickets to see his favourite band, for example.
  • Jewellery, if you want to go for something classic or are really desperate for ideas. Maybe get him something with your names or initials engraved on it.
  • A weekend away somewhere. You can get a cheap hotel break that's still really nice!
  • Don't get him something generic - get him a gift that shows that you pay attention to him. Give him something he can keep and treasure.

My brother recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with his girlfriend. They're both serious gamers, and they spent the evening eating Domino's pizza, drinking beer and playing on the Xbox together. I think he got her a necklace, too.

They're perfectly happy together, so it just goes to show, the best way to celebrate your anniversary is by doing something unique to you as a couple - don't just go out for a romantic meal because you feel like it's what you should do. Do what you want to do. Good luck!
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Get that and maybe cook a dinner full of Greek food and set the mood make him feel as if you two are already there....

Hope this helps! :)

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I like the one above ^^^
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Give him a card with £10 in it because love is special and if he really loves you he will accept the gift, especially with the credit crunch.
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Take him out to a Greek restaraunt and then have a quiet evening at home with a bottle of Sambuca. But first, don't forget the gag gift of paper!

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