Dose My Boyfriend Treat Me Like Sh*** OR Do I Want Too Much?


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I think you answered you own question. He keeps letting you down. I think it would be healthy for you to break up with him and take some time for yourself and study it out in your heart why you picked him so you can work on picking a good guy. Our choices brings our circumstances in most cases. You deserve to be cherished and loved and he isn't doing either. Don't let him disrespect you. Good luck to you!!!
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Janson. You are right.. I do am facing the same problem. My boyfriend loves we to hell and gives me all that I ask for. But at a certain point I think that I get everything only when I ask for. He never asks me to meet. Its always me who asks him to meet. When he leaves,he says the same that he loves me a lot and wish he could spend more time with me. But after a while he is again busy with his work. I kinda got used to it but then stopped asking him for anything,neither meet. It was hard but I had to do that to check if he has the same thing for me or no. He kinda realized his mistake and apologized to me but then as soon as I again started demanding the very next day he was again the same.
Sweethrt,You are not asking for too much because you have the rights to ask for.. Best thing is to take a break. If he is made for you, he will come back to you crawling.. Take care.
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I don't know you but I have seen relationships like yours and here's the thing. It is some of both. The more he retracts the more you demand which causes him to retract more in turn causing you to seek more attention. It won't stop because apparently he is just not going to do it. So either go or get used to it because it ain't going to change . It is the dynamics of your two personalities.
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He does. You deserve to be cherished and loved. My boyfriend will hang out with me for
a few days then not talk to me at all for a few days. I have talked to him numerous times and the patterns don't change. He is who he is. You're personalities will effect this as well.
Maybe you are just oil and vinegar?
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Move on, you are not going to change him if he really wanted to be with you all the names, his friends call him won't make a difference, he would be with you, if you like give him an altimatiom and see how he responds and like I said move on , if your sitting home waiting for him and he knows this he will get to you when he feels the need and not before...Good luck

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