My girlfriend/fiance left me after we had been together 1 year 4 months. We were planned to get married on august 1 of 2011 our anniversary. We had talked about starting a family?


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She is questioning the relationship. The thought of being committed for the rest of her life caused her to run. Saying she hate the relationship is words needed to say to make the break up easier on her part. (Military couples usually fight before long seperation because it is easier to depart mad then in love) What you can do is continue to be sweet and kind even though your hurting. Being negative toward her will solidify the break. Continue to be you. Be happy for her first then the baby when you are around her. Smile and talk about how you are going to be an awesome daddy and talk of the future as her friend. Stay positive. Through continue love and positiveness, she may stop running and see that a future with you will overcome any fear. She may even realize that the relationship with you was not all bad. Allow her to work out her fear and negativity without any questions from you. Once the baby is born and she sees you are not leaving, her heart will melt. Do not fail this test of your integrety.
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Going by what you have said in the addendum to your question, I would say that she just used you in order to get pregnant and have a baby . Not a very nice thing to do, but there are women who do that kind of thing unfortunately .  You have to decide whether you want to be friends with her now or not ...  There will always be a connection between you now, especially if she goes on to have your child , but you can be a father to the child without having to be friends with her .  Good luck .
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Sorry to hear this but remain friends for babys sake if nothing else and who knows what could happen on down the road and don't believe her words about the relationship otherwise she would want nothing to do with you at all
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Depending on what kind of person she  is you may want to be friends with her to make seeing yout child easier and smoother and make it easier and not aquard for your child.

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