I'm 17 And My Mom Kicked Me Out, What Should I Do?


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Present yourself the your County's Social Services Department and explain the circumstances just as you have here. Mom has to provide for your welfare whether she thinks so or not, till you are 18 years of age!
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Legally your parents can not kick you out until your are 18 years of age. This is a case of child abandonment. Which means you can go straight away to the police. However, a better option would be to go to your mom and apologize to her. Make her understand that your work and your studies are very demanding and if you are not at home that does not mean that you are playing around. In fact you are studying hard and at the same time earning yourself a living.
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My soon to be 17 year old granddaughter was kicked out   a week ago, she went back after 6 days to see her mom and her mom had already repainted the bedroom and given it to her younger brother. What kind of mom does that and still can stand and look the child in the eyes and tell her she loves her. Doesn't this make that child make choices they are not capable of making - more or less setting them up to fail?
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Friend. Share a room with you friend. They pay half of this and you pay half of that. And also, you mother needs to pay welfare for you if she likes it or not. Also, what kind of a mother is that?!?! Sound cruel! I've would've run away!
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First of all, as a parent, providing for a my child's welfare is foremost to me. an almost legal adult, the child at 17 is late for the appointment that taught respect and accountability for actions, and just plain courtesy for the person who legally has to account for your actions till you reach 18, if you are not letting parent know where you are. Work is great, but if you are not at work at a given time, do you not have to let them know? If you miss class without telling them, you have skipped. Much of either and you don't get a paycheck or get kicked out of school. Parents worry and love their children (usually) and not to pick up that cell phone (that I pay for with mine) and say hey mom I am going to be late, I want to hang out with a friend, is parent abuse...

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