I'm 21 and live with my mom. She wants to kick me out. Can she legally do that without notice? I've lived here over 6 months. She says I'm rude. Sometimes I am. And she's really nice and sensitive but also can be really cruel. I have no where to go.


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Yin And Yang answered

If you paid her rent and stayed longer then 2 weeks she may have to give you 30 days notice. If you lived there rent free, then sorry she has every right to choose who lives in her house and who don't.  (Unless she rents under her own lease...)

Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered

Legally ... You would have to check the landlord/tenant rules for your jurisdiction.  It doesn't always matter whether or not you are paying rent.

Morally ... You should voluntarily leave.
It is her residence, and she doesn't want you there.

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Otis Campbell answered

Get a job a move out

Willie B. good Profile
Willie B. good answered

Maybe if you change your attitude and apologize for your rude Behavior she'll let you stay in her house.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

If you pay her any rent she would need to give you a eviction notice. But pretty sure she still needs to give you a eviction notice. And again not too sure .

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