Relationship, Housing And Kids Issue! Can My Partner (unmarried) Get Me Kicked Out Of Our House (that I Pay For, But In Joint Names) Even Though I Want Her And The Kids To Stay But She's A Head Case And Wants Me To Leave?


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Oh, by the way, I live in the UK.  I also ran out of room above, but the problem is so much deeper than I could put above.  I love my kids more than the world, and I hate the thought of our little family splitting up, my partner also has OCD and is really bad with it, just leaving a glass on the side makes her lose it!  I really feel for my kids and want the best for them and understand I have no chance of getting them, but why should I move out and she get her own way?  I have no where to go, cause this is the family house we have built, but at the same time I don't want me kids to get hurt...or homeless!  Arghhhh

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If you pay for the house, she needs to go, not you. If you have to go she has to pay you for the equal value of the house. Remember to provide receipts and canceled checks. Judges dont like dummies who come to court without paperwork and proof. If you can provide for your kids move into a nice apartment with just you and your kids. If she wants to go let her go. Go to court to find out the specifics.
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She can't really get you evicted, but she could lie and tell the court that you are abusive and get a restraining order against you. I really hope that she is in treatment for this ocd and whatever disorder that she might have. If possible go in and talk to her doctor about how she behaves, and see if something else might be done for her. I think you two really need to talk about this, and get something worked out. Sorry for being so blunt, hope this helps though, good luck to you.
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Hiya, thanks for the is a difficult one, a doctor has confirmed she has OCD but because she is pregnant she can't take her medication. She is so emotional at the moment, and blames me for everything, and moans I do nothing...when in fact I try my best and I believe I do my fair share! Shes round her mums now, moaning away...threatening to keep my kids away from me so I cant see them over Xmas......I dunno

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