My ex wants me to take my kids from fri to sun every weekend and spend 3 days a week with them I have no problem with this...But does she have the right to tell me where I can take them? What type of mother wants to be away from her kids for so long?


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She can say all she wants to but once in your care for those  days, you can take them anywhere in state or county depending on how divorce decree reads, with no legal problems. Usually when this happens , Mom either can't afford them or shes met someone new and the kids are getting in the way. Iff this keeps up long term, take her back to court for a remodification hearing on custody and child support since youre having them a lot more than whats the courts first required of you. You would have a very good case for custody and support reversal here
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I am not divorced I am seperated I have moved on in life and she refuses to let my children come to the home that I share with my Girlfriend I wanted to know if she has any say in the matter thank you
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No, not as long as youre legally seperated and then use this nin court but she may be doing this to throw a monkey wrench into your new relationship and cause undo stress so it falls apart too
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Would she use my children for her own gain? She is making me question ifI should have ever had children with her. Now I see her as very selfish. My childrens needs get put before my own. Now I see her needs come before everyone else's if discouraging I feel fo my children
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My parents are divorced and that's pretty standard visitation so she may be a good mother you should be thank ful she's giving you that much time and yes unless a court says other wise she has the right to tell you where you can take them and it's like 2.5-3 days she still has them 4-4.5 days so she still has them the majority of the time
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No Maria your wrong she can not dictate where the children are taken as long as they are not in harms way...Thats the problem with women today they are so bitter they forget what is in the best intrest of the child...He should be thankful she let's him see them I can't wait till this world opens it eyes and see how manipultive women are....Disgusting that a father should be thankful he gets to see his children

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