What Work Did Arthur Schopenhauer's Mother Do?


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Johanna Schopenhauer was the author of about 24 pieces of popular fiction, mostly novels, written roughly between 1810 and 1830. She died in 1838.

Her best known works include:
    * Neunzehnter Band (Story)
    * Ein und zwanzigster Band (Story)
    * Des Adlers Horst (Story)
    * Liebesheirath (Story)
    * Haß und Liebe (Story)
    * "Malwina as a Female Heroine" by Sharon Stamps
    * Die Genialen (Story)

After her husband's early death (probably from suicide), Johanna took his fortune and embarked on a lifestyle of enjoying and producing arts and literature.  She privately entertained other men, and lived a fairly public and arguably frivolous lifestyle -- much to the chagrin of her serious son who felt that his father's memory was being dishonoured.

Johanna did pay for Arthur to attend University.  A rivalry arose between mother and son, between her populist novels and his philosophical essays. They had little contact for most of his adult life.

Johanna once famously dismissed her son's writings, saying that there couldn't be TWO geniuses in one family.

Arthur for his part, wrote fairly unpleasant and arguably misogenystic things about women.  Some of his contentions were things inconsistent with his mother's evident views and accomplishments.  He argued (read more) that the natural state of women was docile, caring, extravagant, unreasonable, competitive with other women (unlike men, he said!), frivolous, devoid of deep passions, intellectually short-sighted and incapable of hard work.  Arthur claimed that women had, in general, no love of art and no type of genius.

In spite of his documented love affairs, Arthur also called women "unaesthetic" -- meaning "ugly".

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