My mom always says change your attitude or get out of the house and I know it is not true that my mother will kick me out of the house but what are some mothers will kick you out of the house for?


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Tannis Mitchell answered
Usually when the kids turn 18, and they'd have to get out and on they're own. Maybe when the kid's personality is very abusive, or makes trouble around the house, or when they don't do as theyre told.
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If you are disrespectful, and you keep being disrespectful, you should be booted out. Get your attitude in check and RESPECT your mom, because when she dies, you will wish you had. Being disrespectful makes you a bad person. A punk. Don't do it. Act like you should.
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Arthur Wright answered
You may be one of the lucky ones then for now but the day will come that may all change and youll have to learn to swim real quick as many parents get just get tired of their kids hanging around the house and don't ever try to better themselves so time does come for tough love and out go the kids

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