What Do I Get My Wife For Our One Year Wedding Anniversary?


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Since traditionally a 1 year wedding anniversary gift is celebrated with paper, get creative with all things paper.  Think about what your wife loves and then try and come up with a way to give it to her in a way that somehow uses paper.  If she's a sports person, buy 2 tickets to her favorite sport (BONUS: You can both enjoy the gift together). If she loves art, buy her a sketch pad and include a gift certificate for art lessons.  If she's a fashionista that likes to keep up with the latest trends, give her a subscription or two to the trendiest fashion magazines.  Of course, there are a tons of other ideas. If you need more inspiration for unique 1 year wedding anniversary gifts ideas, check out
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If she has a diamond wedding band add a small diamond to the band.each year for the anniversary. What do they call them a pave.and take her out to dinner and giver her a bunch of her favorite flowers(delivered of course for a surprise).
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The traditional wedding gift after one year is paper.

Some suggestions are:
Ticket to theatre and dinner after
Airplane ticket and weekend away
Have her portrait painted
But why not try something a bit more original - you can have a rose named after her.
Congratulations on your forthcoming anniversary and hope you have many more to come.

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