What Should I Write In My Boyfriend's Birthday Card?


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Robin Burden answered
Writing something personal and meaningful in your boyfriend's birthday card is a really cute idea.

I'd personally recommend writing a sweet and humorous message - a birthday is meant to be fun after all!

What to write in your boyfriend's birthday card
I've received my fair share of birthday cards during my fifty-three years, and I think there are two mistakes that girls often make when they're writing birthday cards:

  1. They take it too seriously: Put something light-hearted - there's no need to remind your boyfriend how much you love him, that you want to spend the rest of your life in his arms, and that you want to have six babies with him!
  2. Women have a habit of sending people cards with pictures of cats on them, thinking it's endearing. It isn't.
As long as you avoid the two points listed above, you should be fine.

Suggested messages to write in your boyfriend's card
Birthday cards come in a variety of different styles, and most of them have pre-written messages in them.

  • Standard birthday cards contain a short pre-written message that reads something like, "Best wishes on your special day".
  • If the card is specifically designed to be given to a boyfriend or partner, it may have a line or two about love and relationships.
  • If your card already says something like, "You're the best boyfriend ever", there's really no need to repeat the same sentiment in what you yourself write in the card. Instead, try to think of something unique to your relationship - perhaps a cheeky nickname or anecdote, something that makes it personal.
At the end of the day, as long as the sentiment is genuine and comes from the heart, your boyfriend is bound to love it!
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Barb Cala answered

Why would you ask strangers what you should write to your boyfriend?  Just write what's in your heart .. Otherwise, it's just not going to sound sincere.

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write that you love him or write a story on how you love him.

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Just write your feelings - what you feel to him.

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