Why Do Guys Try To Make Girls Jealous?


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Honestly, girls try to make guys jealous a heck of a lot more than guys trying to make girls jealous. If a guy wants a girl to be jealous, he doesn't even really have to try. Just being there can make a girl jealous of you. What can I say, girls get jealous really easily and it's usually started by the girl herself who gets jealous for no apparent reason.
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Girls do it too :) sometimes I do it to see if a guy likes me or not. Could be guys do it for that reason too. Or they are just jerks underneath all their sweetness or hotness.
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Because they guy probably likes the girl. And the girl doesn't notice him, so he tries to make here jealous.
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They all don't do that. If they do, it's a sign of contolling.
You should really think this relationship through.
Being controlled is a NO NO!

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