I dated a guy for 6 months a year ago and long story short is I kept putting the possibility of him being happy before my own happiness, he still single and I still love him and everyone around me says he still cares about me....what do i do?


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Long story short. Move on. Or stay moved on.

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Read a book on co-dependency or else you will keep repeating the same mistake. In order to be in a balanced relationship that person has to know that you also care about yourself. People who are co-dependent often feel guilty for saying No, even when it makes them feel bad for saying Yes.  You have to gain a sense of self or you will end up doing things that make you feel bad because you are taking responsibility for other people out of guilt, which is dishonest.

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Do? You either do nothing or you call him and reconnect ... It's not rocket science. 

Putting someone's needs above your own is often what we do for those we love.. that is not unusual.. however there still needs to a very important component .. balance. 

Remember to keep in mind  the reasons you broke up in the first place.

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If you were scarifying your happiness for his, you stay away and move on. 

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Pillows are generally comfortable, but do not tend to provide much support or push-back---both of which are required in a relationship.

You need to bring more to a relationship than total accommodation.

You can try being yourself now, and see if that helps.

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