How do can I get over a break up if I was really attached to him. And how can I prevent from getting to attached to someone again?


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Cheryl Hackett answered

Your going thru a heart break, this is the first of many. It's normal to go thru a heart break several times in your lifetime.  Each time you go thru it, you grow & mature & learn from past relationships, it's an important part of life that everyone goes thru. I know it hurts really bad right now, but you don't want to deprive your self of loving & caring for other people.

It is worth the risk of getting hurt, for the love of others!!!

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Time heals all things so getting over a breakup takes a little while so don't be in any hurry here and definitely don't "rebound" into another relationship too quickly.  This is all part of relationships and love comes with no guarantees that everyone you fall in love with will love you back forever so we all go thru several GF/BFs before we find the right one. 

But no matter how many break ups you go thru, they do not get any easier.  Now with every passing day, the pain will subside a little more  and eventually will become a memory and youll move on.  Sorry to hear this and good luck

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Cookie Roma answered

With all due respect, the first thing you do is give yourself a chance to grow up.  You will come to see that NOTHING lasts forever...neither the good or the bad.  The aim isn't to avoid these things but rather learn how to deal with such things. 

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