What physically attracts women to men?


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Nice smile, nice eyes, tall, or short. Atleast around 6foot. Fit, alittle muscle, and a good dresser, and ofcouse, funny and a good personality. I hate asshole dumbasses :l
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If a guy keeps looking at me as if he's trying to mentally flirt, I'm attracted to him. Um, their face expression when they see me. The way he acts around his friends compared to girls. His personality, if he's going to treat me right, is he's hopeless romantic...That's just my opinion. Every girl is are different.
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Nice smile, fit body, ie: Muscles, personality ect.....
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Looks capture the eyes
personality captures the heart :)
just make her smile, thats enough to attract a woman to a man :), after noticing how 'good looking' someone is, everyone needs that spark .. Its different for everyone :)
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His humor<3 a guy I like always acts so stupid around me it's adorable[x I hate "hard to get" guys...../: Romantic, smart, NOT PERV, cutteee, etc.
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For me it's the eyes. Lots of eye contact and muscles. Not overly fit but like when you lift something and your muscles naturaly flex......so sexy!!!!! Hope I could help :)
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What you need to know is that physical attraction may not result in soul bonding. Women are naturally attracted to men, and vice versa because the law of nature states that opposite poles attract. We get attracted to the opposite sex for any reason like beauty, power, skill, carriage,talents,etc out of which we want to draw self esteem,joy, confidence,rewards,popularity,etc. However,the best form of attraction is to be like minded,think as one, be friends before you are lovers. Physical attraction will fail sooner, while soul bonding can lead to something greater than pleasures of the flesh. See first samuel 18;1-4 as against second samuel13;1-18
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Hugh Farrell
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In what I mean is not startin a teenage relationship but jus meetin sum1 at a disco or sumtin not leadin 2 antin
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Well by physically I'm assuming you mean appearance (which depends entirely on the girl). Some girls love a guy with nice eyes (like blue or green or hazel) but definitely not all. Some like a guy with a nice smile. Some like a guy who's athletic. Some like tall guys. Some like short guys. Some like guys who are a bit bigger. Some like guys on the skinnier side. It all depends on the girl.

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