What do you find attractive in men?


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Allisondria Young Profile
Allisondria Young , true, answered

I find a guy who can be sweet but themselves. I enjoy for him to correct me but can take criticism.  And I prefer any type of guy taller than me.

Angela Anthony Profile
Angela Anthony answered

Attractive in a man, hmm...someone who is honest, kind, caring, supportive, respectful, giving, romantic, protective, and loves unconditionally...That's what's attractive in a man....took me forever to find him, but I did!

Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered

Hmm, I don't find men attractive at all really. But I suspect it all comes down to being English, tall, and blonde with blue eyes.

Didge Doo Profile
Didge Doo answered

What's not to find attractive? We are, in the words of Professor Henry Higgins, a superior sex.

Lia Tan Profile
Lia Tan answered

What I find attractive in a guy is mostly their personality. Of course, their looks do play a factor, but I have to say that their personality is number one. If their personality was crappy, I'd stay away from this person, even if they were the hottest man on the planet. It's not worth being with someone who isn't nice to be around.

So the thing that I mainly look for personality is if they're honest. I want them to be honest with me but mostly I want them to be honest with themselves. I've dealt with so many guys who don't know what they want, who are confused, and so on. If they could just be honest with themselves, I don't think they would have so much confusion in the first place. The second thing I look for is compassion for obvious reasons. The third thing I find attractive would be how sensitive they are to situations, like they'd know when to be funny, but would also know when to be serious.

When it comes to looks, I don't have a set type, but I tend to like guys with brown to black hair, lean, and taller than me (I'm fairly short so that's easy to achieve). I'm not really into macho guys. But other than that, I don't really have any specifics when it comes to looks.

Well some few nitpicky things I'd like is that they'd have the same views as I do on things like religion, politics, music, and stuff like that. Either that or thye're at least accepting to my views. That's pretty important actually...

I must also say that I'm pretty young so I don' thave very many expectations. I believe that the older you are, the more expectations you start to have. So right now, I'm just open to most things.

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