Is a female considered bisexual if she's attracted to both women and men?


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Girl crushes... EVERYONE HAS THEM. They pretty much mean absolutely nothing. You have time to figure out what you are. BTW, I am more fond of girls relationship wise than boys too. I don't know why, but it doesn't phase me. If people are pressuring you to go out with someone, just tell them one of the common go away phrases of today! And if they want to know who you like, make it up. Dating isn't everything. And my #1 life experience quote is... LOVE SUCKS.

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Oh that's too bad to say! Life becomes beautiful when you're in love, you feel special and happy and all of it is so wonderful! So I'm sorry I don't agree with you at all and this shows you haven't been in love or you have been but the guy you were with just cheated on you and so you have this view for love! But sorry that bit is true!
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Um actually, I have been in love and that's why I said it. She was supposed to be my friend but it turned out that she absolutely hated me. When you are a twelve year old girl in love with another girl, you hate yourself and don't know who you are. She completely destroyed me.
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I very well understand you! When I was with my best friend, I was so different from her, being rude or mean to your best friend was termed as making the relation stronger in her sense and speaking bad and dirty words were called some kinda coolness by her and fighting teasing insulting your best friend was called friendship by her and you know she always did that with me and pay some days she has started to get jealous from me and only did things I don't like. So one day a big thing happened which hurt me the most and so I left her and now I'm feeling really nice after leaving all the sadness! And yes with her I really hated myself but then I just observed my self very nicely one day and realised that I was much much much better than her in all the ways and I was a lot more good than her in everything!and with her I always tried to be like her and tried to say those and words which I hate saying but just to be cool but now I've left all of it! And yeah your right we hate our selves but that's not with all friends just with some becoz u have many friends which have encouraged me to love myself!
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I don't think that means a lot! Maybe it's just about your likes because everyone has different likes so I can't judge you on that basis!

And as one anonymous answered your question, for that I would like to just give my opinion that yeah relationship or friendship or whatever with a girl is nice as well, but still I like relationships with boys more because they make me feel special and all the boys I've met till now haven't ever broken my trust and they have been so caring towards me but most of the girls I've met they are always jealous, rude and mean towards me but till I've met girls who are my greatest friends! So I'd just like to advise that for good company, to laugh, share tell your fears and be frank with go to girls, and to love, feel special, feel alive, and to get the one who cares for and understand you the most go to boys! That's all that I feel!

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The traditional definition for someone who is attracted to both females and males is bisexual.  So yes, most people would consider a female who is attracted to men and women as bisexual (bi- is a suffix which means "two").

It's important to remember, however, that you don't need to allow people to pigeon hole 'what you are' with definitions.

Just be YOU

There really is no need to categorise yourself as one thing or another in this day and age.  Some people will be attracted to the opposite sex, some people will be attracted to the same sex, and others will be attracted to both.

There's nothing weird about any of those attractions, and if people want to label you as this or that, then it's their problem, not yours.  Some people's attractions also change as they grow older, so just because you're attracted to males and females at one point in your life, it doesn't mean you always will.  Either way, it doesn't matter whether you're 'bisexual' or not, as long as you're YOU.

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You could be pansexual (like me!), meaning you can have a crush on anyone, regardless of gender or sex, or you could be bisexual, meaning you are attracted to men and women (the binary genders). You could also identify as polysexual, if these terms don't fit how you feel. Either way, don't ever let someone tell you that how you feel is invalid, because your identity is your identity, regardless of what labels you use.

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