What Do Men Like In A Woman?


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There was a time when men's needs were simple. They just wanted an attractive woman to copulate with, preferably someone who could iron clothes and look after them.

In essence, someone who was both hot and able to cook up a mean pot roast.

However, that idea went out the window around the same time Richard Nixon did.

Nowadays, men seem to be a lot more particular about what they look for in a woman.
What men look for in a woman

In the 21st century, successful men are in hot pursuit of smart, independent, funny, spontaneous and sexy women. If you've got all 5 of these key qualities, I can guarantee that you'll have men flocking around like seagulls to a discarded hot dog.

  • Independence. A woman who has a balanced life and interests of her own and who does not depend on a man is very attractive. Women who seem desperate to find a man and to marry and settle down with tend to drive guys away.
  • Space and freedom. Most men require a bit of space from their girlfriends or wives. This allows them to pursue other manly interests (such as drinking beer, watching sports, grilling meat and operating power tools). Freedom gives men the breathing room, which allows them to develop their individuality. However, too much space could lead to a relationship becoming cold and distant.
  • Chilled out. There are two scenarios where men find it really difficult to deal with women. The first is when women act suspicious about where you've been, and the second is that habit they have of crying for no reason. No one likes being interrogated or cried at. Don't do it.
  • A girl who knows how to have fun. This might sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but men like women who are fun to be around. Having fun is one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship.
  • Sex with a good girlfriend is always a kinky adventure. Lying still like an inanimate CPR dummy isn't most people's idea of a good time. Women who know how to use their natural charms are very attractive to most guys. Men really want a woman that makes them feel wanted and desired.
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God, Mother Nature or evolution, which ever you believe in, built a system by which instinctively men look for those qualities in a woman which will guarantee their genes being passed on.

Personal choices can differ widely, and these can be based on culture, age, education etc.

A young man will necessarily think of women in a much more sexual way, though all men are generally attracted to women for the same reason, even if this is not a conscious process.

Anatomical characteristics that attract a man include wide hips, signs of youth like healthy hair and body, large if not proportionate breasts, and a body of a size with which they perceive mating and conception easier.

Romantically speaking the features men most prefer are the eyes, the lips, the neck and their smell. Intellectually they prefer a mysterious and intelligent woman.

Traditionally incline prefer their mates to be coy and shy and married men seek that in an extra-marital affair that they cannot get with their supposedly decent wives.
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