Do men generally prefer women with curves?


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rick potter answered
Some do and some don't. Like when you ask which part of a woman a man likes, some say hips, some say lips, some butts, others breasts. Me? I like legs. No reason why, I just do. I'm sure woman you ask would say much of the same.
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Yes I like women with hourglass figures so I can watch in fascination as the soft sand percolates from the top half into the bottom half..
...Then I turn her upside down.
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Ray Ottewell answered
That depends which way the curves go, how many curves she has got, how bouncy her curves are, and if my old shock absorbers can still take the ripple effect.
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Sarah Johnson answered
Some guys like girls with an hourglass figure and some like girls with the model type stick figure. Some like bigger breast, some like bigger buts. It really just depends on the guy.
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rob seddon answered
Vicky, some men prefer women who don't get hung up on what part of their body a man might prefer. I prefer a smile, politeness, kindness and a pleasant personality. Throw in just a bit of self-confidence and you might attract a guy who just won't care about what you look like instead of a shallow knob-head that just wants a trophy on his arm. Self-respect Vicky.
Nikki Bulechowsky Profile
Yes, lots of studies have shown that men prefer women with curves compared to women who are super-model skinny with none.

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