Where Can I Go When I've Got No Where To Live?


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In which country are you living?

If you are doing Job then you can ask them for any accommodation(If
they provide) Or you can go for hostels who provide rooms for low rates.

But If you do not have any money, then you must see any shelters
providers to for those who do not have homes. Even at some places the
old age homes, Churches provide you shelter, Even If you are under age
for them. But since I do not know your country, I could only give you
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If you live in the U.S.A. They have shelters. They are often strict and you have to keep everything locked away, or you will get your stuff stolen. If you have any relatives who could give you a space, that would be better.You did not mention the reason your mom is giving you the boot. I can tell you from experience the streets are very dangerous. The shelters are safer, and they can help you find more permanent lodging. If there is any way you can resolve issues with mum, I advise you try that first.
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You know your father? You are his responsibility so you can claim him for your right. Other than this orphanage is another place where you can go. But my sincere advice is to resolve that issue that caused your mom  to boot you.Every issue can be resolved.
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Homeless shelter and your a hobo

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