My Ex Husband Pays No Maintenance, Sees Our Son When It Suits Him, Out Earning Extra Cash Work During The Contact, Refuses To Tell Me Where He Lives. Can I Stop Him Having Contact, And Have His Parental Rights Removed?


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You need legal advice here it may need to go through family courts or csa agency to resolve maintenance and visits you also need to know where he lives he takes your son there why shouldn't you have the right to know don't delay get advice to put things right
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I agree with sunnyd. You are going to have to go to the courts and establish some groung rules. If you don't he is going to make things worse than what they already are for you and your son. It is not fair to you or you guys son.
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My ex husband has overnight stopped paying maintenance for our 3 children from our 15 year marriage.can I stop his contact if the children do not want to go?
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This type of thing happens so much and I thinks it's a shame for any parent to dodge responsibility by choosing not to work so wages won't be garnished or paying child support period.  You are going to have to get legal help and maybe they can get him on the right track.  They sometimes refuse to do what is right even after they have to go through the system to be made to do so.  He is not looking out for the benefit of the child.  Shame on him and good luck to you.
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I'm in similar position, I've two children to my ex husband and he's just got out the army without a word and left me struggling.
He's living with his partner who is expecting his child so he's got out to be a house husband while she works hoping csa won't touch him...
I wouldn't mind so much if hed have his children more so I can cut back on child care. But he's refused to have um at all.

I'm wondering is there anything I can do?

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