Me and my husband are working. We dont usually get a lot of time to spend with our child during the day, Can anyone suggest me a nice place around Delhi NCR where I can send him for curricular activities?


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You and your husband could and should make quality time for your child. Sending him to someone else to babysit because you are too busy working is a severe disservice to your precious son. Plan family events and spend more time with him. How about other family or friends to help out 👪.

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I am not familiar with your area, so I can't help you there.  In any event, much would depend on the age of your child .. Don't you have friends with children the same age? Does your child have any friends?  What do those parents do for their child/children?  Age appropriate Sporting or activity clubs? 

I am only assuming you do spend quality time with him when you are home when you are not at work.  Plan family events and spend time, not money on your child.

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I am not a family person yet but I have heard a lot about genesis learning studios from my friends and neighbours , I think you should without a doubt get your child enrolled for their after school activities. :)

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Even me and my wife had this problem long time back. My wife works in a digital marketing firm and I am a real estate agent. We use to come late and our child was left alone, then we came across genesis learning studios. They hold such amazing programs for students. We are happy now our child is busy in these activities.

Though it is a little disheartening for us that we are not able to spend a lot of time with our child but whichever time we get with him, we make sure its his and only his quality time. :)

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