If both my husband and I work and my husband pays the bills with both our money as he is better with financial things, should he have a right to tell me if I can and can't buy something and how much money I can spend a week on groceries?


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What money you make your contributing to the household - he shouldn't be saying how you spend your money ..Now I can see if you wasn't using some of your money towards financial things also when it comes to buying groceries,  he should just let you buy the food.

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So you're saying he takes your money, pools it with his, and pays the bills, and you have no money except what he gives to you? You have to ask him if you want to buy something that you need? Well my friend, been there done that for waaaay too many years. That's a "control" issue. That money is just as much yours as it is his. I could go on and on about this subject,, it's not right. Grrrr.

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Sarah Mills
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Thank you, I do have access to our accounts, however he keeps an eye on it and everything I spend, he questions me even if it was $10! Thank you for your advice, I will defiantly take it on board, I'm glad your a lot happier now.
Lard Ass
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That I am! Good luck to you!
Sarah Mills
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Thank you.

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