Do Women Prefer Men In Thongs?


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Yes, I love when my boyfriend wears thongs. Unfortunately it does not happen so often but he looks so great in them. And by the way, he wants me also wearing thongs, so equal rights!
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My wife loves me to wear the skimpiest string thongs with just a quarter inch thong at the back
She has also bought me a white micro lycra male g-string which is the uiltimate in microscopic underwear !! My thong has actually slipped out at work and the girl who sits next to me said she liked the thought of me wearing thongs and g-strings so some women definitely do
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I wish my wife wanted me to wear thongs. When I wear skimpy underwear, she looks at me all weird.

It's a turn on knowing that there are still women who enjoy men in thongs and bikini's.

I know only wear bikini briefs and am wearing one right now while typing. I enjoy walking around the house with them, especially when no one is around. I'm a normal married guy with 2 kids as well.
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My brother wears male thongs and g-string briefs all the time, he just prefers them and finds them more comfortable than boxers.
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My wife loves me to wear thongs and actually buys them for me all the time, usually ones with a quarter of an inch string at the back. She has also recently bought me a male micro lycra g-string
which has only a microscopic string !
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I'm 41 straight and married and my wife like most women don't understand it when men wear sexy underwear.  I only wear men's string bikini underwear and occasionally thongs.  I feel so sexy in them and they are comfortable at nights and during the day as well.  I walk around my house in them when no one is around and get extremely aroused.  I often buy skimpy rio style mens bikinis which can mostly be found online.  Kudos to all the women who enjoy their men in skimpy underwear.
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My wife loves for me to wear them. I want her to, so why should I not wear what she wants me to?
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I am 61 and have been using thongs for 30 years since my marriage began. I have no experience with the opinions of women in general, only know my wife still likes thongs on me. I am in average physical condition,no pot belly. 

Wife thinks pot bellies are unattractive  and unhealthy. I agree with this opinion. I used tidy whites in my youth,  tried boxers , too much clothes under my jeans ,  wore no underwear for a number of years and like thongs because they as close to nothing as possible.

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My wife loves me in thongs. In fact, the first time she saw me in thongs, she insisted me to wear thongs only as she finds them sexy. So, its a win-win for both of us as I prefer wearing thongs as they are the most comfortable underwear.

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Some women like to look at men in thongs because it emphasizes the man's genitalia.  Other women feel that calling attention to one's genitals is unseemly.
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Not all women, some do, some don't, it depends on the person. It might put some women off, and some like men in boxers shorts or the old style underpants.
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Personally it'd put me off perfer boxershorts, seems more manly, but it dependss if you can pull it off or not, if not you risk of just looking really silly.
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I knew a guy who wore them and it was kinda weird.... If I were a guy I would wear boxers or nothing at all before wearing a thong...

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