Do Men Like Women To Shave Their Vagina?


3 Answers

Diana Becker Profile
Diana Becker answered
Yes because it is soft and clean my husband says he likes it because he knows it is clean and he feels better about it not being hairy or smelly..
M A S Profile
M A S answered
Yes most men like it that way, but some like very hairy girls, some like trimmed bush, and some like all but a small strip of hair shaved. It is all a matter of liking. Like, I live completely shaved one so that I can look and admire my girl's beauty, and also to lick her to orgasm. And BTW a shaved vagi is easy to keep clean and odor free
Yolanda Williams Profile
Some men like women to be shaved, some don't. It's just a personal preference. I shave because it is more holds odor.

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