Why Do Women Give Their Worn Panties To Men?


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I never got any of these, where does this happen? Must be very strange women there.
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Since you dont read cosmopolitian they had a very interesting say on this subject. It reads next time you'r at the movie theater,slip off those lacy silk panties you wore for this purpose, and hand them to your guy!(dont forget which side of you he's sitting on) so you think woman dont know how much they turn on a guy,wait till she does this to you, and after a bj in the restroom she puts them on you so your ready later!
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Real men do not read cosmo.
William Wilson
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Men do read Cosmo to know what women are up to. And to Mek, I have  3 times in my life, met girls at a bar with others, just for a good time. One said, here is a pair of my panties, want you in them next "Friday" here. When I arrived with the guys, they saw us talking and later knew what it was about, asked me "you wearing them?". I reached into my jeans and made room for her to see the elastic on top. She smiled, said great, and I handed her a little package with a new sexy thong in it for her. Couple of weeks later, she handed me a worn thong of hers, said go into the mens room and change into it now. This trade-trade went on for a few months, until the Project I was managing at her company was completed. Still Exchange e-mails with her, she misses that little part of life.
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Because men like to smell and taste that cotton panel gusset.  It's almost like being with the real thing.
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On a hot summers day,my wife often takes her panties off & gives them to me.I smell them,then put them on,for the rest of the day--heaven!
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Because men are perverts, and usually are the ones to ask for them, like a souvenir, we just oblige to avoid hearing men complaining and begging. Oh, and not to mention, look on Craigslist, and you'll see all kinds of men offering money for women's worn panties, I wouldn't do this, but it's out there.

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