Why Do Most Women Like To Trample Men Under Their Feet?


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I'm not sure if MOST women enjoy trampling (it's quite a niche bedroom activity), but there are certainly many women out there who get their kicks from trampling.

Why do women like trampling on men?
Like most power-play and S&M activities, trampling involves one person being in a position of control and power over the other.

The idea of being able to control a man is tantalizing to many women, especially since men tend to have a more dominant role than women in society.

I find that it can be empowering to have a man grovelling at my feet, and trampling can be seen as a metaphor for that domination. It's a physical way of 'imprinting' my power and control over a guy.

When I step on a man, and feel my stiletto heels digging into his muscular flesh, I feel as if I'm being transported to an alternative world where I'm an imposing queen exercising her authority over a lowly male sex-slave.

I can imagine myself having rows of hunky men waiting on me hand-and-foot, and catering to my every whim and desire.

In this fantasy world, I would subject all the disobedient men in my kingdom to a humiliating trampling session if they dared cross me!
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It's nature.
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Well I'm a man and I love to be trampled, I love it.

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