Why Would A Man Cheat On His Girlfriend Constantly With Many Women? He Had A Baby With Another Woman , All This He Does But Won't Leave The Relationship Why Is That?


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Blue1234 is right Men can have sex with any women without being in love with them. They can go out and have numerous one night stands. If you were to see some of these women they're with you'd think what does she have that I don't have? Don't do that to yourself. Men go out get drunk and use their penis for brains. They drink and the beer goggles come on. Looks, size everything doesn't matter. A hole is a hole and turn off the lights and they all feel the same. A lot of men are insecure within themselves and think this makes them THE MAN and gives them that PLAYER ATTITUDE, BIG PIMP DADDY but deep down inside they are insecure with themselves and seeking acceptance. If you are with a man like this and you put up with this behavior he will break your heart time and time again and never own up to what he is doing and make you seem like your the crazy one. But once you leave this person and let him know that you won't be treated like this period. This PIMP DADDY will soon figure out just how much you meant to him and be crying and whining on your doorstep to take him back. Don't do it find someone secure within himself and let this loser give all his money for child support. 
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Men can disassociate their love feelings from sexual feelings.  They can love a women but have sex with other women and it won't mean anything except sex.  That's the way they are.  A man needs to develop a mature attitude and the ability to make a commitment to one woman in order not to cheat.  Temptation is always there but it's how you act on it that's makes or breaks the man.
As he had a baby with another woman, and it could be that he only was with this woman one time, he should support his child.  This doesn't mean he should sleep with the mother again however.  But the child and the mother will always be a part of his life now.
Some men don't mature and continue to cheat.  If he is one of them I recommend dropping him if he cannot change. 
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Because men are polygamous in nature, a man can love a woman with everything he has got and still sleep with other women, I have a fianc back home in Nigeria and studying abroad (UK) but am not scared of the girls he sleeps with when am out of the country because I know it is purely physical, he calls me every day some time up to three times a day and when am in the country he spends all his time with me and me alone, which obviously implies that whatever he is doing when am away is simply to empty his pipe if you know what I mean, which is okay by me, so long as he forsake all of them when am in the country and use condom when am not around is fine, at the end of the day you will here these girls complain about a woman that appear from no where and marry the same man that kept telling them that he is not looking for something serious. Anyway I hope I have answered your question.

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