Was C.S.Lewis right about women? He said that women speak a language without nouns. A man would say, "Put this red canister in the green canister on the shelf," but a woman would say, "Put this in the other one over there." Coming from Venus, do they just speak Venusian? Why can't they learn to speak Martian like the rest of us?


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Guess what ? It gets worse with menopause. Scientific studies show that women use fewer nouns during menopause.

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I'm just gonna bite my tongue here Didge. I don't need the wrath of the women.

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Scientifically speaking ... Research has proven that men and women's brains operate differently.

Men = linear thought.  That's why they're generally better at math and science.

Women = intuitive though.  That's why they're generally better at relationships.

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This has been my experience, too. I can wade through chains of convoluted ideas to reach a conclusion only to find that Mrs Didge is already there waiting for me. She has a knack for putting her finger right on the essentials.
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I dunno about that, but i do know a lot women seem to talk to children in the third person. Like:

"Bring mommy the toy"
"Come to Grandma"
"Grandma's going to cry if I don't get a hug"

My wife and stepdaughter do it all the time.

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You're right, of course. Lots of fathers and grandfathers do it to. I try to restrain myself.

It does have it's uses, though. If a toddler is young enough it won't be able to equate "me" with anybody but itself.
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I can see it's use for a toddler that is just learning to speak and understand language. I actually have never men use the third person language, but I'm sure there out there. I don't use it and have teased my wife and stepdaughter about talking that way.
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We talk this way because its the only way men understand us. You talk that way because its the only way we will let men talk to us, and still get what men want from us. As usual, its all about us. I see no problem. We all must be doing something right, we are still mass producing. No signals getting crossed there.

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Dragonfly, where on earth did you get the idea that men get what they want from women? We had five sons and Mrs Didge, the only representative of the female persuasion, was able to keep us all under control with one simple question: "Do you want to eat?"
dragonfly forty-six

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