Why is a man criticized for being sexist when he says he doesn't like larger women, but it's acceptable for a woman to reject a man based on his height? (like saying "I don't date guys shorter than me")


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Your question is actually a good illustration of why some are accused of sexism. Did you notice that you used different terms in describing men and women? "Larger women" implies fat, obese, or *ah* big boned. "Shorter" makes a statement about a particular attribute: Height.

Perhaps it's generalisations or unwitting slurs that are considered sexist.

Don't take that as criticism. I was just amused by your use of different language in describing men and women.

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Pedro Gonzalez
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That was what I intended. Men are called jerks for saying they wouldn't date fat women (even though weight can be lost) but if a woman says she doesn't date short men that is acceptable even though it is judging a book by it's cover all the same (and height cannot be changed)
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Fair enough. I'm not going to take you to task for it. I'm not very politically correct, either. :)
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I have no idea, but I don't think its fair. Especially as, in your example, you cannot control your height but you can control your weight, yet those are both very real things that people say.

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I wasn't aware it WAS aware that it was okay for women to say that.

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Who says it is ok? Judging people on their looks is just plain narrow minded, regardless of the gender.

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